Shasta County Housing Authority

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Our Jurisdiction: The counties of Modoc, Shasta (outside Redding city limits), Siskiyou, and Trinity. 

Mailing address: When your name comes to the top of the waitlist, if we are unable to contact you at the address provided, you will be removed from the waitlist. If you move after submitting your application, it is your responsibility to submit a Waitlist Update Form, which is available online at: Waitlist Update Form (

The post office will not forward mail from our office.


PHA Policy on Local Preferences 

Applicants will be placed on the waiting list according to any preference(s) they qualify for, and the date and time their complete application is received by the PHA. The Shasta County Housing Authority has established preferences and applicants will be required to provide documentation for any preferences applied to your household when your name is reached. 

For example: If you select that you have been involuntarily displaced by government action or your home has been damaged or destroyed by a disaster you will be required to provide verification when you come to the top of the waitlist to be eligible for that preference.

To review all preferences please see our Administrative Plan Chapter 4 section 4-III.C. (page 4-10) 10.1.22.admin_.plan_.pdf (


Reasonable Accommodation: If you require special assistance with the application process you may call us at 530-225-5160 or come into our office located at 1450 Court St. Suite 108 Redding, CA 96001 Office hours: Monday through Thursday from 8am– 4 pm (PST)


Income limits by household size: If your annual, gross household income is at or below these limits, you may qualify for assistance. (Income limits are subject to change.) 


Shasta County                                  

1 person- $29,400

2 persons- $33,600    

3 persons- $37,800

4 persons- $42,000 

5 persons- $45,400 

6 persons- $48,750 

7 persons- $52,100 

8 persons- $55,450


Modoc, Siskiyou, Trinity
1 person - $28,900
2 person - $33,000
3 person - $37,150
4 person - $41,250
5 person - $44,550
6 person - $47,850
7 person - $51,150
8 person - $54,450