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Applying for Burney Commons with a Project Based voucher is a two-step process:

1.      1. Complete this Project Based Voucher waitlist application (you can begin by scrolling down and clicking the blue “get started” button).

2.      2. Apply for the Burney Commons apartments at

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there income limits? Yes, income limits to apply and depend upon the unit that becomes available. Below is the maximum gross annual income based on household size:

1 person- $31,200

2 persons- $35,650

3 persons- $40,100 

4 persons- $44,550 

5 persons- $48,150

6 persons- $51,700

2. What is a project-based voucher? Project Based Vouchers (PBV) offer rental assistance at designated locations. Participating households do not get to choose the unit they will occupy, and assistance is non-transferable.

3. How are people placed on the waitlist? Applicants will be placed on the waiting list according to any preference(s) they qualify for, and the date and time their complete application is received by the housing authority. The Shasta County Housing Authority has established preferences and applicants will be required to provide documentation for any preferences applied to your household when your name is reached. 

For example: If you select that you have been involuntarily displaced by government action or your home has been damaged or destroyed by a disaster you will be required to provide verification when you come to the top of the waitlist to be eligible for that preference.

To review all preferences please see our Administrative Plan Chapter 4 section 4-III.C. (page 4-10) 10.1.22.admin_.plan_.pdf (

4. What if my information has changed since I applied? It is important to keep all household information and mailing address up to date. The post office will not forward mail from our office. You can update the SCHA of any changes by completing this waitlist update form: Waitlist Update Form (

5. How long will I wait on the list? There are multiple factors that can affect your position on the waitlist such as date and time of your application, the preferences that apply to your household, all other applicants on the list, and the size of the unit that becomes available (example: a single person at the top of the list would not qualify for a 3-bedroom unit. Alternately, a family of 4 at the top of the list would not qualify if a 1-bedroom unit came available).  As more people apply, your position on the list is likely to change and you may be moved higher or lower on the list. Those factors will influence the timing in which applicants are selected from the waitlist, making it difficult to provide an accurate estimate on when you might be pulled from the waitlist