Faxon Apartments


This is not a full application form for the Faxon Apartments. The information you are being asked to provide will be used to determine if your household appears to be eligible to 
be added to the Faxon Waiting List. 

In order to complete this application successfully, please have the following application on 
Full Names of all Household Members
Social Security Number or Alien Registration Number of all Household Members
Date of Birth of all Household Members
Income all of Household Members 

The Waitlist Period has been extended. A lottery took place on 3/19/2021 to determine order all of applications submitted prior to March 16, 2021 11:59pm deadline. Any applications received as of 3/31/2021 12:00pm will added to the end of the waitlist in the order in which they are received.  

If assistance is needed to complete the pre-application you may request an appointment during the 
application period (appointments require that the applicant provide his or her full name, full 
address, and phone number when calling). Please note: Assistance with completing the application will be offered by appointment ONLY due to the current COVID Pandemic.

If you have a disability and require a Reasonable Accommodation, please call 860-993-7109.

Only one pre-application per family will be accepted; duplicate pre-applications will be disqualified.

Faxon will use a Random-Draw Lottery System to determine the waiting list order from all applications.