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Thank you for your interest in Lake County Housing Authority's housing programs. We maintain waiting lists for our housing programs according to Federal housing laws. Our online pre-application is an easy, step-by-step way to get your name on our waiting lists.

Applications Programs and Properties:

Section 8
Housing Choice Voucher List is now closed. 
***LCHA Section 8 waiting list lottery is complete and statuses can be checked by visiting :

If your status is active, you were selected to be placed on the waiting list. If your status in inactive, you were not selected to be placed on the waiting list. 

Public Housing Family Sites Waiting Lists
Scattered Sites East
Scattered Sites West
Scattered Sites East Mobility Accessible
Scattered Sites West Mobility Accessible

Public Housing Senior Community Waiting Lists
A family whose head, spouse, or sole member is at least 55 years of age. If you are not "age eligible" you will not be placed on any of the senior building waiting lists.
Millview Manor - Antioch, IL
Orchard Manor - Antioch, IL
Hawley Manor - Grayslake, IL
Warren Manor - Gurnee, IL
Beach Haven Tower - Round Lake Beach, IL
John Kuester Manor - Wauconda, IL

A family whose head, spouse, or sole member is at least 55 years of age or has a disability.
Shiloh Tower - Zion, IL

Mobility Accessible Wait Lists for our Public Housing Senior Communities
A family whose head, spouse, or sole member is at least 55 years of age and has a disability.
Millview Manor Mobility Accessible - Antioch, IL
Orchard Manor Mobility Accessible - Antioch, IL
Hawley Manor Mobility Accessible - Grayslake, IL
Warren Manor Mobility Accessible - Gurnee, IL
Beach Haven Tower Mobility Accessible - Round Lake Beach, IL
John Kuester Manor Mobility Accessible - Wauconda, IL

Income Limits (maximum per household) for Admission to the Section 8 Program:

In order to be eligible for either the Housing Choice Voucher program or Low Rent Public Housing program, family income can not be greater than those on the following chart. These limits are established by the federal government and adjusted annually.

1 Person Household = $32,650
2 Person Household = $37,300
3 Person Household = $41,950
4 Person Household = $46,600
5 Person Household = $50,350
6 Person Household = $54,100
7 Person Household = $57,800
8 Person Household = $61,550

Application Preferences:

Waiting lists give selection preferences to households that meet certain conditions. Preferences will be verified.

If you are not "age eligible" for our senior buildings, you will not be placed on any of the senior building waiting lists.

In the preferences section, you will be asked to check any of the following that apply to the head of household, spouse, co-head.
  • Do you live or work in Lake County? 15 points
  • Is the Head or Spouse of your family a Veteran?  5 points
  • Is the Head or Spouse of your family in a nursing home with the possibility for release?  5 points 
For the Housing Choice Voucher Applicants Only:
  • Was your family terminated from LCHA's HCV program due to insufficient program funding?  5 points
Before you apply:

Before applying, you must click this link to read the following document from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development:

It informs you that you are committing fraud if you knowingly provide false or misleading information to obtain assisted housing. There are penalties that apply if you knowingly omit information or give false information.

You must complete the entire application for the application to be valid.

Before you begin the application, you must have the names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers available for all household members.

If you are unsure which housing program or property is right for you, go back and review the property and program descriptions on our website before beginning the application. Here is a link to our Public Housing Senior buildings

You are now about to enter your application to be placed on Lake County Housing Authority's waiting list. Here are some important things to remember:
  • There are no fees for applying to the Agency's wait list.
  • Housing Choice Voucher waiting list will use a random lottery system to select applicants.
  • You're placed on the Public Housing wait list by date and time of your application.
  • All mailing address changes MUST be submitted in writing to the Agency.
  • You MUST save your Log In ID and Password!! You will need them to check the status of you application. Please do not call the Agency for status of your application.
  • If you questions regarding your status, you may also refer to Wait List Status page on our website or our FAQs page for additional help.
If you require a reasonable accommodation for a disability that prevents you from participating in our application process, please email for accommodation requests.