East Baton Rouge Parish Housing Authority

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Welcome to the East Baton Rouge Parish Housing Authority Waiting List Application Site.

The Housing Authority only accepts applications during the period a waiting list(s) is open. 

How to Apply:

·         You must have an email address to complete this Preliminary Application.

·         Applications are only accepted online using this system.

·         Applications will not be accepted in person, by mail, phone, or fax.  Do not call the local Housing Authority to apply!

Information Needed:

·         Names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, and income information for everyone in the household.

·         A full and complete mailing address (including apartment number, city, zip code, etc.)

Wait List Specific Information:

The Housing Authority only accepts applications during the period a waiting list(s) is open.  Not all waiting lists are open at the same time.

·         Cypress Pinchback

o   One and two-bedroom units

o   Located at 501 Gardere Lane, Baton Rouge, LA 70810

o   ALL occupants must be 62 years of age or older.  If your application contains household members younger than 62, the application will automatically be rejected.

o    Preference will be given for current residents of Turner Plaza or Sharlo Terrace.

o   Your household must meet occupancy criteria for Cypress Pinchback. 

o   Cypress Pinchback is part of the Project Based Voucher program where assistance is tied to the unit.  If eligible, you will be assigned to a unit at the community.  Eligible applicants must also meet suitability criteria with the management company.

o   Do not apply to this wait list unless you are willing to live at this location.


·         Final program eligibility will be determined when your application reaches the top of the selected waiting list.

·         Given the number of applications received, you may wait several years before you receive an eligibility interview.

Mailing Address:

If your mailing address changes it is your responsibility to submit your new mailing address in writing within 10 business days.  Do not rely on the US Postal Service to forward your mail.

Our housing programs are administered in compliance with agency policy and HUD’s rules and regulations.  If due to a disability, you or a family member needs a reasonable accommodation to fully utilize our programs and services, please contact the Director of Affordable Housing or the Director of Housing Choice.