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Fall River Housing Authority (FRHA) is now accepting online applications for federal public housing through the MRI WaitListCheck portal.

Conversion to this online platform will make the traditional paper-based process obsolete.  To that end, FRHA has begun to phase-out the Pre-application for Federal Public Housing form and will no longer accept applications in paper or PDF file format after October 31, 2020. [Exception: Persons with disabilities may request assistance with or special modifications to the application process to accommodate a disability-related need].  

FRHA manages three (3) waiting lists for federal public housing: Family, Mixed Populations, and Elderly Only


(1)   FAMILY

Unit Designation:   General Occupancy

Who can apply?     Adults (age 18+) either with or without youth (ages 0-17)

Unit sizes:              1, 2, 3, 4- and 5-bedroom units

ADA-Accessible:    5%



Unit Designation:   Elderly and Disabled [Households without Youth]

Who can apply?     Elderly (ages 62+); Disabled (ages 18+); and Near Elderly (ages 50-61)

Unit sizes:              Studio apartments, 1-bedroom units

ADA-Accessible:    5%



Unit Designation:   Elderly Only

Who can apply?     Elderly (ages 62+) and Near Elderly (ages 50-61)

Unit sizes:              1- and 2-bedroom units

ADA-Accessible:    16%


To apply for federal public housing online, you must begin by registering for an MRI WaitListCheck account.  It does not cost anything to apply, but a valid email address is required.  

You will only be able to apply for one (1) waiting list at a time.  Do not apply for a waiting list unless your household composition meets the threshold criteria for age and/or disability status. Click the link below to get started.