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The only waiting lists open currently are for our Public Housing Program.  Our Public Housing buildings are Ashland Park & Spring Park (elderly/disabled), Riverview (elderly), and Greylock Valley (single & family).  

Time on the waiting list could be up to a year or longer just depending on vacancies at the time of application. Applications will be processed by the date and time of submission. The federal preferences also determine waiting list preference.

·         Information needed: Names, Social Security numbers, birthdates, and income information for everyone in the household.

·         Eligibility Requirements: To qualify for the Elderly + Disabled Public Housing Program, Applicants must be over the age of 50 OR disabled.

·         Income limits vary from program to program. Income eligibility will be determined at the time of consideration.

Reasons for denial of pre-applications: Pre-applications will be removed from the waitlist if any of the following are determined at the consideration interview:

·         Drug or violent criminal activity within the last five years. If any drug activity, you may remain on the list if you have completed or are in a drug rehabilitation program at the time of the initial interview.

·          Life-time registered sex offender.

·          Persons convicted of manufacturing or producing methamphetamine.

·         If any family member has been evicted/terminated from a federally assisted housing program in the last five years.

·         If your household is determined over the income limits for the program you have applied for


Please note, that we do not have any emergency housing available.

There are no fees to access the online waiting list.