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Thank you for your interest in the RAFT Program at Community Teamwork. Pre-applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received. 

Completion of this online process does not guarantee eligibility, approval or payment.

Please include an email address when submitting.

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, we are conducting all application activities over the phone and/or via email. If you have had a loss of income due to COVID-19, please indicate this on the pre-application. Some specific resources may be available for your situation.


This is a pre-application - completion of this process does not guarantee eligibility, approval or payment. Please submit only one application per household.


In order to complete the application, you will need full names, social security numbers* and date of birth for all household members. Names must match what is on government issued IDs. 

* RAFT does not have an immigration status requirement and households of any immigration status are welcome to apply. The following pre-application does require the Social Security Number field to be completed for all household members. If someone in your household does not have an SSN, please submit 888-88-8888 as their SSN.


You will be required to report all household income - please use gross income (before taxes and deductions). This will be verified throughout the application process, please have pay-stubs or award letters ready (dated within 60 days).


Steps for enrolling in RAFT:

  1. Submit pre-application online

  2. Wait for phone-call and/or email from a housing counselor at Community Teamwork (approx. 1 week)

  3. The Housing Counselor will screen over the phone to determine eligibility

  4. If found pre-eligible, you will be given the option to complete the application remotely by email or come to the office for an in person appointment

  5. On day of appointment, you must provide all required documents (see list below)

  6. If payments are being made to landlord, you will be provided a property owner packet for them to complete and submit to
  7. Once the application and all required documents have been collected, CTI will review for final approval

  8. If approved, you will be informed and payments will be made directly to property owner and/or vendors

Required Documents:

1.      ID (for all household members)

·         If 18 or over, photo ID

·         If under 18, birth certificate or passport for all members


2.      Social Security Cards

·         For ALL members of the household (original or copy of physical card)

o    (If you are missing a card, go immediately to SSA office and apply for new one; Bring proof that you have applied, but you will still need to provide actual card for approval)


3.      Proof of Income

·         Paystubs- 4 most recent (must be consecutive/in a row)

·         Benefit award letter dated within last 30 days (SSI, SSP,TAFDC,  etc.)

·         Child Support (most current 30 days-show actual payments, no court orders)


4.      Proof of Housing

·         If currently housed without a voucher, your lease or tenancy-at-will agreement

·         If currently housed with a voucher (Section 8, public housing, etc.), you will need to bring your tenant rent share letter

·         If currently temporarily housed with a friend or family, provide a letter that you can no longer stay with them. This must also include the full address, date, and contact name and info of person writing letter


5.      Proof of Crisis

·         Upstream Arrears: (Documentation: Written proof of rental or mortgage arrears)*

      *Additional Documentation – proof of financial hardship and proof of sustainability

·         For families facing eviction: Summary Process Summons and Complaint**

**Tenants who have a housing subsidy and are facing eviction due to non-payment of rent must also provide proof of financial hardship that explains cause for arrears in order to receive assistance. (loss of income or increase in expenses)

·         For families leaving doubled-up housing: Letter from landlord or primary tenant explaining that the family must leave.  This must also include the address, date, and contact name and info of person writing letter.  A copy of new lease or letter of intent to rent for new apartment

·         For families leaving unsafe housing: Verification of unsafe housing conditions (board of health) and copy of new lease/letter of intent to rent for new apartment

·         For families facing foreclosure: Current mortgage statement and letter from lender indicating that family is at least 30 days in arrears and at risk of foreclosure

·         For families facing utility shutoff: Utility shutoff notice and current bill. RAFT may only be used for utilities when stated in the rental agreement that utilities must remain operational at all times or risk eviction)

Completion of this online process does not guarantee eligibility, approval or payment.