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Thank you for your interest in the RAFT Program at SMOC HCEC. Pre-applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received. 


Completion of this online process does not guarantee eligibility, approval or payment.


If you are moving, you must have an apartment lined up before starting the RAFT process.  Do not move until RAFT application has been approved!


In order to complete this form, you will need full names, social security numbers and date of birth for all household members. Names must match what is on government issued IDs.


You will be required to report all household income - please use gross income. This will be verified throughout the application process, please have pay-stubs or award letters ready (dated within 60 days).


Steps for enrolling in RAFT:


1.         Submit pre-application online

2.         Wait for email from representative at SMOC HCEC

3.         Answer eligibility questions via email (Response is required to determine eligibility)

4.         If found pre-eligible, you must provide all required documents (see list below). All documents must be submitted to us at, in PDF format. 

5.         Once documents are received, you will be contacted and scheduled for a Phone Appointment where you will complete the RAFT application over the phone.

6.         If payments are being made to landlord, you will be provided a property owner packet for them to complete and submit to

7.         Once full RAFT application and all required documents have been collected, SMOC HCEC will review for final determination.

8.         If approved, you will be informed and payments will be made directly to property owner and/or vendors.


Completion of this online process does not guarantee eligibility, approval or payment. Please check your email to respond to the follow-up questions.

*RAFT does not have an immigration status requirement and households of any immigration status are welcome to apply. However, the following pre-application requires the Social Security Number field to be filled in for all household members. The software will not allow you to submit your pre-application without something filled in in those fields. If someone in your household does not have a SSN, please submit 888-88-8888 as their SSN.*

The following documents are required for ALL members of your household:

o          Picture ID (18 years and Older)

o          Social Security cards (for all members)

o          Birth Certificates (for all members) 

o          Self-Statement – COVID-19 related loss of income or increase expenses


Proof of Income: Last 30* days (18 years and Older)

o          Wages (Weekly/Bi-weekly) 

o          SSI/SSDI (Social Security, Social Security Disability 

income, Supplemental Income)

o          SNAP /TAFDC (Cash Assistance)

o          Child Support (if applicable)

o          No Income Statement (if applicable) 


For Assistance with Rent Arrears/Mortgage OR for Assistance with Move in costs:

o          Most Recent Tenant Ledger (with rent amount owed/due)

o          Landlord contact information (email, phone number)

o          Proof of Housing Subsidy (Section 8 Voucher/MRVP/Public Housing)

o          Copy of Lease/Mortgage Statement


Additional Documentation that proves Housing Crisis: (i.e. Proof of Homelessness, loss of Employment, medical documentation etc.)