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General Info

Thank you for your interest in the Portsmouth Housing Authority. The Portsmouth Housing Authority (PHA) owns and operates over six-hundred rental apartments spread across twelve different properties in the City of Portsmouth. It also manages portable Housing Choice Vouchers (also known as Section 8 vouchers). For more information on our different properties, visit: www.porthousing.org/housing/properties.

We have a different waitlist for each housing type and bedroom size. You can only apply to one waitlist at a time. If you intend to apply to more than one waitlist, you will need to submit each individually and then start a new application. The system will save some of your information, so that you don't need to reenter all of your information again.


How to Complete Your Online Application

  1. Click the "Get Started" button at the bottom of this page.
  2. You will need to Register for a Waitlistcheck account, if you don't already have one.
  3. Follow the prompts. You must reach the end and hit "Submit" for your application to be complete and for our office to process it. You can save and exit your application and return to it by logging in to your Waitlistcheck account, but it will not be complete until you hit "Submit."
  4. Once you’ve hit “submit” and receive a confirmation page, that means our office has received your application. We will contact you by mail in the following weeks with the eligibility determination and whether you’ve been placed on the waitlist.



Our Waiting Lists

Below are the individual PHA waiting lists that you can apply to through this portal. 

  1. Atlantic Heights 1-Bedroom

  2. Atlantic Heights 2-Bedroom

  3. Connors Cottage (1-Bedrooms Only)

  4. Lafayette School (1-Bedrooms Only)

  5. Public Housing 0-Bedroom (Studio)
    Includes the following properties:
    -Woodbury Manor

  6. Public Housing 1-Bedroom
    Includes the following properties:
    -Gosling Meadows
    -Pleasant Street
    -State Street
    -Woodbury Manor

  7. Public Housing 2-Bedroom
    Includes the following properties:
    -Gosling Meadows

  8. Public Housing 3-Bedroom
    Includes the following properties:
    -Gosling Meadows

  9. Public Housing 4-Bedroom
    Includes the following properties:
    -Gosling Meadows

  10. Ruth Lewin Griffin Place (1 and 2-Bedrooms)

  11. Section 8 / Housing Choice Voucher

  12. Wamesit Place 1-Bedroom

  13. Wamesit Place 2-Bedroom

  14. Wamesit Place 3-Bedroom

Betty's Dream is the only property not listed here, as it has its own separate application. This property is reserved for physically handicapped individuals. If you or someone you know are physically handicapped and interested in applying to that waitlist, contact the Property Managers at
wamesitadmin@nh-pha.com or 603-436-4310 ext. 112.

Eligibility Criteria

There are different eligibility criteria for different waitlists; your income, age, and disability status may impact your ability to apply for a property. For more information on the specific eligibility criteria, see the 2nd Applicant FAQ on our website “How do I find out if I am eligible for housing?”: Applicants | Portsmouth Housing Authority (porthousing.org)

Note on bedroom size: Two-bedroom units are only available to families with multiple occupants, or to single occupants with a medical necessity for a second bedroom. Single individuals without a medical necessity for a two-bedroom unit will not be approved.


Each waiting list is equipped with individual preferences that allow certain applicants priority placement on the list. The head of household, co-head, or spouse must qualify for the preference in order for it to be applied.

Please note that not all waiting lists have the same preferences. In order for these preferences to be applied to your application, you will need to submit proof as outlined below after completing your online application. Proof may be submitted either by mail or in person to the Portsmouth Housing Authority at 245 Middle St, Portsmouth, NH 03801 OR by email to applications@nh-pha.com.

Preferences include:

  1. Working in the city of Portsmouth preference (Ruth Lewin Griffin Place)
    Proof:  a copy of a recent paycheck stub.

  2. Veteran and/or spouse of veteran preference (Ruth Lewin Griffin Place, Public Housing, Section 8)
    Proof:  DD214, DD215, or DD217.

  3. Homelessness preference (Section 8)
    Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) number and/or letter from local homeless service organizations such as Cross Roads House, New Generation, Inc., Seacoast Mental Health Center, Families in Transition, and/or HAVEN.

  4. Local preference (Public Housing, Section 8, Wamesit Place, Atlantic Heights, Connors Cottage, Lafayette School)
    Proof:  a copy of a rent receipt, lease, utility bill, employment record, driver’s license, etc. confirming that the applicant is a resident of Portsmouth.

  5. Elderly(62+)/Disabled preference (Public Housing, Section 8)
    Proof:  SSDI letter or letter from medical provider confirming disability / driver's license or birth certificate confirming date of birth.

Next Steps

When you have hit the top of our waiting list(s), we will reach out to you via telephone, e-mail, or mail. Please note that all applicants are responsible for keeping their contact information updated and accurate.