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The Cambium Workforce Housing
Waiting List Information
Please review all of the information contained herein regarding the application process and requirements prior to submitting an application. 
Please note: Applicants must have sufficient income to be able to pay the full amount of the rent PLUS all electric utilities except for electric service required to provide heat, which is paid by the landlord. There is no rent subsidy associated with these units.
Note: Local building code limits the occupancy of the 1 bedroom units to two persons, and 2 bedroom units to four persons.  
Rents are based on 35% of 80% of the Westchester County median income based on household size. As income limits change every year, the rent will also change. Current rents as of April 1, 2020 rents at The Cambium are estimated at $2,350 for a 1 bedroom unit and $2,936 for a 2 bedroom unit. Tenants pay all utilities except heat.
Eligibility Criteria
The income of the members of a household, when combined, may not exceed 80% of the median gross income for a family unit in Westchester County, NY which has the same number of people in it as there are members of the household.  Income from assets and other non-wage sources will also be included in the calculation of income.
One Bedroom Units - maximum occupancy is 2 people:  The 2020 Income Limit is $70,480 for a 1 person household or $80,560 for a  2 person household
Two Bedroom Units - minimum occupancy is 2 people: maximum occupancy is 4 people: The 2020 Income Limit is $80,560 for a 2 person household, $90,640 for a 3 person household and $100,640 for a 4 person household
Eligibility is determined upon completion of the initial application process as set forth below, and annually thereafter.
Step 1
Applicants must complete and submit the online application. No applicant may enter into a lease with the landlord until the Town of Mamaroneck has determined eligibility. 
Any application information submitted, whether through the online portal or as part of the list of required documents, that is found to be incomplete, inaccurate or misleading, or contains false information of any kind, will be disqualified. All household members named in the application, regardless of who submitted the information, will be disqualified.
Step 2:
Within 10 business days of the date of your online application submission, you must log back into to see the status of your application.  
If your application status is Active you will be required to create an Applicant account on using the PIN provided on your application receipt.  Having a status of Active does not mean that you have met the eligibility requirements.
Once you have created an account on you will be required to submit the supporting documentation needed for each person in your household.  You will be required to e-sign all of the required forms in order to move forward with your application. 
Note: All documents submitted must be clear and legible! Be sure that you have included all of the required documents.
Status information will only be provided online at Please do not call the Town of Mamaroneck for status information. 
If your legal or mailing address changes, you must request the change through the portal. 
Once we have finished your eligibility determination you will continue to communicate with our office through your AssistanceCheck account.
Any applicant who may require assistance to apply, as a reasonable accommodation for a disability, must contact the Town of Mamaroneck Community Services Office at (914) 381-7840 as soon as possible.