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Thank you for your interest in the Town of Union Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. The Waiting List is currently open. To apply online you will need to create an account. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the office at (607) 786-2985 Monday through Friday from 8AM-4PM. Hearing or speech impaired persons should call the town's TTY/TTD phone umber at (607) 786-2915.

Please note, the preliminary application does not guarantee placement on the WaitList and is not an offer of assistance. The WaitList is established to determine the order of selection when funding becomes available. Your pre-application will be reviewed and ranked based on a Local Preference System.

For the purposes of the Local Preference, the Town of Union includes the following communities:

  • Endwell (including part-town areas commonly referred to as Westover, Coconut Center, Fairmont Park, and West Corners)
  • Endicott (including the Village of Endicott)
  • Johnson City (including the Village of Johnson City)
  • Town of Vestal
Please note that if you do not qualify for a Local Preference, it is unlikely that your name will reach the top of the list due to the high demand for assistance.  Applications will be ranked based on the following preferences:

  1. Town of Union residents displaced by a natural disaster (FEMA documentation required)
  2. Families who reside in the Town of Union and who work or are hired to work at least 20 hours in the Town of Union, or who receive income based on inability to work
  3. Families who reside in the Town of Union but do not meet the above working preference
  4. Non-Town of Union residents with a working preference
  5. Non-Town of Union residents without a working preference
  6. All others
The Town of Union has established the local preferences and applicants will be required to provide documentation for any preferences applied to your household when your name is reached on the WaitList.

If you move after submitting your preliminary application, it is your responsibility to submit an update which is available through the WaitListCheck system.

If the Town of Union is unable to contact you at the address provided, you will be removed from the Waiting List.

To obtain or attempt to obtain housing assistance by committing fraud is a criminal offense under federal and state laws.