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Applying for Saratoga Springs Housing Authority Public Housing or Section 8 Programs

The Saratoga Springs Housing Authority is an Equal Opportunity Housing Agency. All Housing applications are accepted regardless of Race, Color, Creed, Disability, Religion, sex,


The preliminary application must be completed in full and submitted via the “Submit Application” button at the end of the application in order to process your application for placement on the waiting list.  Upon successful completion you can print and save a receipt of your submission. This is your receipt and the only proof you will have that you did in fact submit a completed application. If you do not have an email address then you will need to print your verification.

Completing the Application

When you answer application questions, you must include the following Information:

Income: All sources of income of you or any member of your household receive wages. Welfare payments, alimony, social security, pension, etc.); any money you receive on behalf of your children (child support, social security for children, etc.); Income from assets (interest from a savings account, credit union, or certificate of deposit: dividends from stock, etc.) Earnings from second job or part time job; any anticipated income (such as a bonus or pay raise you expect to receive)


Assets: All bank accounts, savings bonds, certificates of deposit, stocks, real estate, etc. that is owned by you and any adult member of your family's household who will be living with you.


Family/Household Members: The names of all of the individuals (adults and children) who will be living with you.


Signing the Application


Do not sign any form unless you have read it, understand it, and are sure everything is complete and accurate. When you sign the application, you are claiming that they are complete to the best of your knowledge and belief. You are committing fraud if you sign a form knowing that it contains false or misleading information. Information you give on your application will be verified by the Saratoga Springs Housing Authority.


Penalties for Committing Fraud


The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) places a high priority on preventing fraud. If your application or recertification forms contain false or incomplete information, you may be: Evicted from your apartment or house; Required to repay all overpaid rental assistance you received; Fined up to $10,000; Imprisoned for up to 5 years; and/or

prohibited from receiving future assistance.



Eligible applicants shall be placed on a Waiting List according to the date and time a completed application is submitted. Preference Points are awarded for the following populations: Applicants who were honorably discharged veterans with proof of a DD-214 or active and or reserve veteran; Applicants who work or live in the City Saratoga Springs; Applicants currently employed at least 20 hours per week; Applicants who are currently experiencing domestic violence.


Smoke Free


To protect the health and safety of its residents, the Saratoga Springs Housing is a smoke free community. No smoking is allowed in any apartments or common areas of our developments.