Village of Nyack Housing Authority




PURPOSE: This program is designed to help those who earn less than the income limits below:



  1. Complete and submit application online.  Application are only accepted online effective 7/15/16.
  2. Keep application information updated online, i.e. change in address, family size, or income amount and source of income. Must respond to annual update letter. All changes must be made online.
  3. Respond within 20 days to all office communications.
  4. When called in to be interviewed for eligibility, supply proof of identity, age, residency at time of application and contact, citizenship status, family composition, income and assets, and signed authorizations permitting office verification of all information.
  5. Applicant must provide proof of address at the time they applied and when contacted for an apartment; we suggest that you keep proof of current residency on hand because it take years before we contact you.
  6. Provide all information required completely and honestly, and without omissions or commission of fraud.


  1. Applications are processed in chronological order to determine eligibility, and updated annually.
  2. Applicants are contacted by letter mailed to application address and marked “do not forward”. If the letter is returned, it is determined that the applicant has moved and is ineligible and will be removed from the waiting list.
  3. Applicant attends interview and provides required verifications
  4. Office verifies all information.
  5. Manager may inspect current home.
  6. Tenant must pay both security and one month rent BEFORE moving in.
  7. Participant rent payments will reflect ability to pay and will be subject to review and verification.

BASE RENTS:   Depew Manor            Studio   - $248    1BR - $295 (Senior Citizens)

Waldron Terrace        1BR - $334       2BR - $365       3BR - $393       4BR - $423 (Singles/Families)