Ellenville Housing Authority

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The Ellenville Housing Authority is located at 10 Eastwood Avenue, Ellenville NY  12428.  Our telephone number is (845) 647-8686.  Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic our office is closed to the public until September 1, 2021. After that, entry will be by appointment only and all CDC Guidelines and precautions will apply.

All applications must be submitted electronically thru this site for Section 8, Public Housing and Senior Housing.  You must fill out a separate application for each waitlist you want to apply for. If you are disabled and cannot apply thru this method, then please call the number above to request a special accommodation.  Applications are sorted by Preferences and points.  When your application is received and approved you will be notified via email or mail. You must be within the income limit guidelines for initial approval.  Position Numbers are not given out so please don't call requesting it.

 # in Family          Section 8             Public/Senior Hsg
                                       30,750                          49,200
            2                                35,150                          56,200
            3                                39,550                          63,250 
            4                                43,900                          70,250      
            5                                47,450                          75,900
            6                                50,950                          81,500
            7                                54,450                              - 
            8                                57,950                              -
There is no fee to apply.  If you are contacted for a voucher or an apartment, in order to be eligible your circumstances must be the same as on your application.  If you move or have any changes in family composition or income, you must contact us thru this site immediately so that we may update your application.  Any changes can either cause you to gain or lose a preference which can cause you to drop or move up on the list.  We do updates every other year.  Any mail that is returned with no forwarding address will cause you to be removed from the list.  ALWAYS REPORT NEW ADDRESSES.