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Welcome to the Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority Wait List Application Page

Please read the following before beginning:

Required Information:  Names of all Household Members, Social Security #'s, Birthdates, and Income.

This Waiting List is for anyone who wants to live in Knox, Ashland or Holmes Counties in, Ohio.

You MUST have an email address to apply online.  The Waiting List is currently open indefinitely.

Answering questions on the application:

Please answer all questions accurately and truthfully. Your answers will be verified, any misrepresentation of information on the application is grounds for denial of assistance.

In accordance with program regulations, information may be released to appropriate Federal, State, or local agencies.

Eligibility Process

The Knox Metropolitan Housing Authority (KMHA) must first determine if an applicant is eligible. The gross household income and benefits must be reported for ALL household members and must not exceed the appropriate income guidelines. The income limits are available at our office and on our website and are determined by the number of household members.

After KMHA determines an applicant family meets the eligibility requirements, the family’s application is placed on a waiting list according to the date and time the application is received.

Waiting list Preferences for the Housing Choice Voucher Program:

The Housing Choice Voucher Program utilizes two local preferences, these preferences will be verified by the Housing Authority.

Veterans Preference: Current members or veterans of the United States Armed Forces. An individual who has served in the active military or naval service of the United States and who was discharged or released. For KMHA’s purposes, the Form DD-214 must state honorable, general, or other than honorable.              

Please see KMHA for further information.

Disability Preference:   For a disabled person or families with a disabled member as defined in the KMHA administrative plan, KMHA will not inquire as to the nature or extent of the disability. A benefit letter from SSI, SSD or the submission of the KMHA Disability Verification Form completed and signed bya medical professional is required.  Once a family’s application reaches the top of the waiting list and funding is available, KMHA will verify statements of eligibility from the application. Please contact KMHA for detailed information.

Important Facts to Remember:

1) KMHA has no emergency housing. All applications are placed on the waiting list according to date and time of receipt of application and preferences. KMHA will notify you by mail indicating an estimated date of assistance. You are responsible to notify KMHA in writing of all changes in address, income, and family size. A current mailing address is required for KMHA to contact you.

2) All applicants are waiting for funding, not housing. KMHA does not own or manage any rental housing. If a family locates a unit that a property owner claims to be “Metro approved,” this will not place the family higher on the waiting list.

3) Families who have been previous participants in the rental assistance program and who have lost their assistance for the violation of a Family Obligation cannot make application for 12 months following the Termination date.