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Homes for Good is accepting wait list pre-applications to be placed on waiting lists for one- and two-bedroom apartment units for Seniors and people with disabilities at Parkview Terrace, located at 255 High St, Eugene, OR 97401. Rent and utilities are based upon 30% of household income. Water, sewer, electric, and garbage are included with the rent. Residents pay phone, cable, and/or internet. Move-in costs include a$275 to $425 deposit, depending upon the bedroom size. Homes for Good can assist applicants in obtaining a guaranteed loan for the deposit, repayable over six months at a reasonable interest rate. Parkview features on-site laundry facilities, a community room and a community garden. Parkview residents can have an active social life through an abundance of community events within the apartment complex or through the Campbell Senior Center, which is across the street. Parkview Terrace is served by a bus line and is close to stores in downtown Eugene. Parkview has an active volunteer force of over 20 residents who help to implement programs that include a monthly Senior Grocery food box distribution, a weekly Extra Helpings food program, a monthly resident meeting, an annual Summer Celebration, and a position on the Resident Advisory Board. Residents may have a maximum of 2 small pets, only 1 of which may be a dog with a $200 deposit and an approved pet application. To qualify, applicants must meet low-income guidelines and occupancy standards. All units are reserved for elderly and disabled residents. Referrals from local preference partners will be served first. The Transitional Homeless Family Preference applies to transitional housing persons who are homeless and who are referred from a PHA approved entity.

A list of partner agencies can be found at

For pre-applications while the waitlist is open, go to:

Applications are first-come, first-served based on submission date and time. 

People who lack internet access may request assistance in completing the pre-application over the phone by calling 541-682-2550 when the wait list is open. Homes for Good will be closed on January 18th, 2021 for Martin Luther King JR. Day, and will not be answering phones. The application closing date may also be extended, depending upon the response.