Bucks County Housing Authority - Public Housing


·         The Conventional Public Housing waiting list is for seniors that are 62 years and older OR a single disabled adult.
·         This waiting list has a Bucks County Local Residency Preference. This means as long as the waiting list has Bucks County residents on it, they will be offered housing first -- before an applicant outside of Bucks County will be offered housing.
The Conventional Public Housing Waiting List is one (1) Waiting List that fills four buildings which are:
1) Grundy Tower - Bristol Boro
2) Grundy Gardens - Fairless Hills
3) Bensalem Woods - Bensalem
4) MacIntosh Regency - Levittown
When a unit becomes available in one of the buildings listed above, the unit is offered to the first eligible applicant at the top of this list. Separate waiting lists are not maintained and applicants cannot choose a building.  If an applicant is not interested in the unit offered, they can refuse and have their name removed from the list, or they can have their name returned to the bottom of the waiting list.
Note: Disabled individuals under age 62 who do not need a wheelchair accessible unit and would otherwise be eligible for a unit in one of the four properties from the Conventional Waiting List, will be given a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher in lieu of a unit in accordance with the BCHA’s HUD approved Designated Housing Plan.
The application is complete only after an "Application Receipt" appears on the screen explaining the required paperwork along with the application information.