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Welcome to the Dickson Housing Authority application. There are no fees associated with applying to the waiting list and any website requesting a fee to apply are not legitimate and not related to the Housing Authority.

The following programs are currently accepting applications: 

Housing Choice Voucher
Dickson Public Housing
Dickson Housing Authority Fund
Waverly Public Housing

The Housing Choice Voucher Program, Dickson Public Housing and Waverly Public Housing Programs are federally funded programs that subsidize safe, decent, and sanitary housing for low-income persons. Applicants must meet all U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development income and eligibility requirements.

DHA Fund, Inc is a 501 (c) (3) organization providing safe, decent, and sanitary housing for low-income persons. Applicants must meet  income and eligibility requirements. DHA Fund Inc. has one, two and three bedroom rental units


HOW: Applications will be accepted online only. Only one application per household will be accepted. Duplicate or fraudulent pre-applications will be rejected. Paper applications will not be distributed or accepted If you need assistance in another language, Google Translate will assist you during the application process.

WHERE: Applications can be submitted ONLINE with the use of a personal computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. There is no requirement to come to the agency’s office. The Dickson County Public Library has public computers and free Wi-Fi. For library locations and hours visit: Dickson County Public Library: Home Page (dicksonpubliclibrary.com).  The library office is located at 303 Henslee Drive, Dickson TN  37055.  Applications may be filed at Dickson Housing Authority located at 333 Martin L. King Jr. Blvd, Dickson TN.  The authority will have tablet computers and staff available to assist applicants Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

INFORMATION NEEDED: Full legal names, Social Security numbers, birthdates, and income information for every person in the household. You must enter your total household income on the application.  If your household has no income from any sources, you will be required to certify that there is no income for the household. The information you provide must be truthful and complete to the best of your knowledge. An email addresses or phone number will be required. If you do not have an e-mail address, the application process will allow you to create one. As you complete the application process, you will create a login and password. Please keep this information.

APPLICATION SELECTION: Eligible applications will be placed on the Wait List; however, this does not guarantee you will be eligible for assistance.

WAIT TIMES: The Dickson Housing Authority does not provide emergency or immediate housing. The amount of time you will wait before your application is selected may be months to years.  Voucher turnover will affect the wait time. You will be notified when your application has been selected. Wait list
applicants are required to report, in writing, changes of mailing address and family composition. 


 Dickson Housing Authority has established the following local preferences for all waiting lists except the Dickson Housing Authority Fund, which has no preferences at this time.

1. Residency Preference: for families who live, work or have been hired to work in the jurisdiction. In order to verify that an applicant is a resident, the PHA will require a minimum of one of the following documents: rent receipts, leases, utility bills, employer or agency records, school records, drivers licenses, voters registration records, credit reports, statement from household with whom the family is residing.

For families who have been hired to work in the jurisdiction of the PHA, a statement from the employer will be required.

2. Singles Preference: All families with children, elderly families and disabled families will have an admission preference over “Other Singles”.  Single applicants who are elderly, disabled, homeless, or displaced will be given a selection priority over all “other single” applicants regardless of preference status.  “Other Singles” denotes a one-person household in which the individual member is not elderly, disabled, homeless or displaced by a formally recognized disaster or by government action.  Such applicants will be placed on the waiting list in accordance with any other preferences to which they are entitled, but they cannot be selected for tenancy before any one-person elderly, disabled, homeless or displaced family regardless of local preferences.

3. Subsidized Housing Preference:  Families not living in subsidized housing will be given an admission preference over families living in subsidized housing.

4. HCV Rescinded:  Families who have been issued a Housing Choice Voucher and then had it rescinded due to insufficient HUD funding.  

5. Victims of Domestic Violence:  The PHA will offer a preference to families that include victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking who has either been referred by a partnering service agency or consortia or who is seeking an emergency transfer under VAWA from the PHA’s housing choice voucher program or other covered housing program operated by the PHA. The PHA will work with Women are Safe as a partnering service agency.

The applicant must certify that the abuser will not reside with the applicant unless the PHA gives prior written approval.  

To qualify for this preference:

- Actual or threatened physical violence directed against the applicant or the applicant’s family by a spouse or other household member who lives in the unit with the family must have occurred within the past 6 months or be of a continuing nature.

- The family must have been displaced as a result of fleeing violence in the home or they are currently living in a situation where they are being subjected to or victimized by violence in the home.

The PHA will require written verification from the police, a social service agency, the court, a clergyperson, a physician and/or a public or private facility giving shelter and/or counseling to victims.  The documentation must verify that the family has been displaced as a result of fleeing violence in the home or they are currently living in a situation where they are being subjected to or victimized by violence in the home, and identify when the actual or threatened physical violence against the applicant last occurred.

The family must certify that the abuser will not return to the household without the advance written approval of the PHA.

6. Involuntary Displacement Preference

Involuntarily displaced applicants are applicants who have been involuntarily displaced and are not living in standard, permanent replacement housing, or will be involuntarily displaced within no more than six (6) months from the date of the verification by the PHA.

Families are considered to be involuntarily displaced if they are required to vacate housing as a result of one of the following situations.

  A. A disaster (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.) that has caused the unit to be uninhabitable.

  B. Federal, state of local government action related to code enforcement, public improvement or development.

Verification will be required by:

Written verification by the displacing or declaring unit or agency of government, or by a service agency such as the Red Cross.

Certification by landlord.


Local preferences will be aggregated using the following system:

Each preference will receive an allocation of points.  The more preference points an applicant has, the higher the applicant’s place on the waiting list. Preferences apply to all lists except the Dickson Housing Authority Fund.

       Preferences                                             Points

Residency Preference                                     3000

HCV Rescinded                                                 600 

Domestic Violence                                           200                      

Involuntarily Displaced                                   200                      

Other Single                                                     -300                      

Subsidized Housing                                        -100


Before applying its preference system, the PHA will first match the characteristics of the available unit to the applicants available on the waiting lists.  Factors such as unit size, accessible features, de-concentration or income mixing, income targeting, or units in housing designated for the elderly limit the admission of families to those characteristics that match the characteristics and features of the vacant unit available.

By matching unit and family characteristics, it is possible that families who are lower on the waiting list may receive an offer of housing ahead of families with an earlier date and time of application.

It is the policy of Dickson Housing Authority to provide reasonable accommodations to those persons with disabilities so that they can participate equally in its housing programs. If you require special assistance with the application process or you do not have internet access, you may contact our office at 615-446-9371 for assistance.

If your annual, gross household income is at or below these limits, you may qualify for assistance. (Income limits are subject to change.)

Housing Choice Voucher:          Dickson Public Housing:
1 person-  $29,550                         1 person-  $47,250
2 persons- $33,750                        2 persons- $54,000
3 persons- $37,950                        3 persons- $60,750
4 persons- $42,150                        4 persons- $67,450
5 persons- $45,550                        5 persons- $72,850
6 persons- $48,900                        7 persons- $83,650
7 persons- $52,300                        8 persons- $89,050
8 persons- $55,650                        

Waverly Public Housing:          Dickson Housing Authority Fund: 
1 person- $31,600                          1 person-  $47,250
2 persons- $36,100                        2 persons- $54,000
3 persons- $40,600                        3 persons- $60,750
4 persons- $45,100                        4 persons- $67,450
5 persons- $48,750                        5 persons- $72,850
6 persons- $52,350                        7 persons- $83,650
7 persons- $55,950                        8 persons- $89,050
8 persons- $59,550                        

DHAF, Inc. Monthly Rental Rates:

One Bedroom Unit: $575 - 600 
Two Bedroom Unit: $650
Three Bedroom Unit: $950
Security Deposit: $500