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Panhandle Community Services’ Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Waiting List is currently open and will be available 24 hours a day. Panhandle Community Services will notify you when the waiting list closes at this website and  Paper applications will not be available and fax requests will not be accepted.  To apply online you will need to create an account. 

This application does not guarantee you housing, only your standing on the waiting list.  Your standing on the waiting  list will be determined by using date and time of application and the following local preferences.  

       ·       Working (employed for 20 Hours or more per week)

       ·     Elderly (62+ years of age)

·     Persons with Disabilities (as determined by the Social Security Administration or permanent disabilities by a medical physician)

·      Natural Disaster (lost housing because of a natural disaster, such as fire, high winds or tornadoes)

·     School (attending school, college or vocational training on a full-time basis)      

·     Domestic Violence (family violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking within 60 days of the incident) the incident must be verified by official report from a police department, domestic violence center or medical doctor.


Your standing on the waiting list will change based on the local preferences of all people that apply.


Panhandle Community Services has established these local preferences and you will be required to provide documentation of any preference(s) that  apply to your household when your name is selected from the waiting list. 



If your contact information changes after submitting the preliminary application, it is your responsibility to make changes at  If we are unable to contact you at the address provided, you will be removed from the Waiting List.

After you have successfully applied, you should print the confirmation of application that appears on the last page of the process. You may also receive a confirmation via email if an email address is provided. If you do not have an e-mail account, you will have the opportunity to create one while completing the application.

You are now about to enter your application to be placed on Panhandle Community Services’ waiting list.


Here are some important things to remember:

·        There are no fees for applying to the waiting list.

·        You're placed on the waiting list by date and time of your application and local preferences.

·        Panhandle Community Services has no emergency housing. Call 211 for help.

·        Every 6 months, Panhandle Community Services will notify you of any updates to the waiting list.  You will receive notification via your online account. 

·        You must make sure to update your account if your legal, mailing or e-mail address changes.

·        You must save your Log-In ID and Password!! You will need them to check the status of your application.  Please do not call Panhandle Community Services for status of your application.


Reasonable Accommodation: It is the policy of the  Panhandle Community Services  to provide reasonable accommodations to those persons with disabilities so that they can participate equally in its housing choice voucher program. To request a reasonable accommodation, please contact Panhandle Services at 806-342-6164.