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Welcome to the Waco Housing Authority & Affiliates Online Waiting list application page Attention: Applicants must apply for each waiting list individually.

The applicant must register on the waitlist check web service with an accessible email address.  

The applicant will be responsible for selecting the intended waiting list on the application page. The waiting list options are listed on the page 

After an application is complete you may continue to apply for additional open waiting lists if desired.

If you need guidance to understand the difference between Housing Choice Vouchers, Project Based Vouchers (S8) and Public Housing Programs please look here Housing Application page Final.pdf (wacopha.org)

Waco Housing Authority & Affiliates can only credit your application to the waiting list you applied to. If you intended to apply for a different waiting list, we can only review applications as submitted. Being called for one program does not necessarily make you eligible for another.

By clicking "Get Started", I acknowledge and accept that as the applicant, I am responsible for what information is submitted on my application(s).