Davis Community Housing Authority

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The Davis Community Housing Authority (DCHA) is accepting applications for the following rental assistance programs:

  • Public Housing 

  •  Rosewood Villa Apartments
  • Housing Choice Voucher (Formerly known as Section 8)
  • Non-Elderly Disabled Voucher (NED)

DCHA is not able to provide estimates of how long it will be until you reach the top of a waiting list. Please understand that the waiting lists are long and DCHA does not have any funds for emergency housing. DCHA provides permanent housing only and the waiting period is typically over two years.

Our primary method of contact is through First Class USPS mail. Failure to respond to letters sent to the address on file will result in being removed from the waiting list. You must update changes to your mailing address. If you do not have a permanent address, list a C/O (care of) mailing address or speak with your local postmaster for availability of general delivery.

The Housing Choice Voucher and Public Housing waiting lists have adopted a local preference.  To be eligible for the preference, households must either reside in or report to work in Davis County.  Documentation is required when your household nears the top of the wait list. Applicants are placed on the waiting list by date and time of application receipt.   

Your online application requires an email address. Instructions are included for creating a free email address if you do not have one. DCHA does not have access to the email address, login ID or the ability to reset your password. You will receive an email with further instructions after submitting an application. Please follow the instructions in that email to ensure you remain on the waiting list.

Reasonable Accommodation:  It is the policy of the DCHA to provide reasonable accommodations to those persons with disabilities so that they can participate equally in its housing programs. If you require a reasonable accommodation during the application process, please contact us.

If you have any questions concerning the application process, please contact Tami at 801-451-2587 or email tami@daviscommunityhousing.com