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Welcome to the City of Ashland Housing Authority Online Application Portal.

The City of Ashland Housing Authority (AHA) has multiple rental options including the Section 8 Voucher/Rental Assistance Program.

Applicants may apply for as many projects as they like. Eligibility varies slightly. Therefore, we will place you on the waiting lists for the selected programs where you are eligible. AHA implements General Occupancy with preferences per *24 CFR part 960.206. 

Allow 2-3 weeks for processing. Once your application is processed you will be informed by mail of our decision. After completing the online application, you will receive a confirmation message. If you provided an email address on the application, you will be emailed a confirmation. 

IMPORTANT:  Remember your login information to be able to check back to see your status on the wait list.

If you have a change in address or telephone number, please contact our office at 715-682-7066 to update your information. You may also email:  

When your name comes to the top of the waiting list and if you do not respond to our letter or our letter comes back as a mail return, you will be removed from all waiting lists and you will have to reapply.

Later you will be required to provide verification of members of your household, household income, household assets, and proof of birth in the United States or eligible immigration status. By registering, you understand and authorize that when you are pulled off the waiting list, the AHA will request a credit report, criminal background check, and will contact current and prior landlords for all adults listed on your application as part of the eligibility background check.

Income limits change yearly. Please follow the link to find out current income limits: 

Reasonable Accommodations: The AHA will provide reasonable accommodations to ensure the application process is accessible to applicants who may have disabilities and cannot comply with the normal application process. Applicants who are disabled and require an accommodation in the process to apply may request it by calling our office at 715-682-7066. The AHA may require additional documentation regarding the accommodation request.

 ***PHAs must deny admission for the following specific types of criminal activity.

Denial is required when:

  •  Any household member has been convicted of the manufacture of methamphetamine on the premises of federally assisted housing.
  •  Any household member is subject to a lifetime sex offender registration requirement.

The PHA must check for sex offender registration in its own state and in any other state where the family has resided. 

DO YOU KNOW.......

You are committing fraud if you sign a form knowing that you provided false or misleading information. The information you provide on housing assistance application and recertification forms will be checked. The local housing agency, HUD, or the Office of Inspector General will check the income and asset information you provide with other Federal, State, or local governments and with private agencies. Certifying false information is fraud.

When you fill out your application for assisted housing from HUD make sure your answers to the questions are accurate and honest. (form HUD-1141).