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Welcome to the City of Cedar Falls Wait List Open Enrollment Site

There is no fee to apply. You must have an email address to complete this Online Application. To qualify for Section 8 you must meet income limits and fall into one of our preference groups (see below). Submitting an application puts you on the waiting list, you will receive a letter when you come to the top.
Current average time on the wait list is 1 to 5 years.  Proof of qualification will be required when you come to the top of the wait list,  along with passing a criminal background check. 

Please note: If you do not currently live in Cedar Falls IA when you come to the top of the list, you will be required to move to Cedar Falls to qualify for assistance. You may port your assistance to another town after living here for one year. 

When selecting a preference, you may only answer YES to ONE preference.
Preference 1: 62 or older, Disabled, or Family who lives or works in Cedar Falls.
Preference 2: Families who do not live or work in Cedar Falls.
Preference 3: Individual or couple with no dependents, not elderly, not disabled.

INCOME LIMITS: Effective 4-1-2021 
Family Size             Income below
1                                $25,950
2                                $29,650
3                                $33,350
4                                $37,050
5                                $40,050
6                                $43,000
7                                $45,950
8                                $48,950 

Information that will be needed when you come to the top: Names, social security numbers, birth dates and income information for everyone in the household. This includes wages, social security income, unemployment, child support, and any other assistance being received. Current bank statement and any other assets such as CD's, IRA's, pension or life insurance policies. 

The Waiting List is currently planned on being open indefinitely.