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The Sonoma County Housing Authority has 1 Project Based Voucher Waitlist Lottery currently open:

  • 4-Bedroom PBV Unit at Riverfield Homes in Healdsburg, CA

To apply online you will need to create an account. Paper applications are available upon request by calling (707) 565-7501.

Completing an application does not guarantee placement on the waitlist. Not all households who apply will be eligible. The final waitlist will be determined using a random lottery. Applicants not selected in the lottery will not move forward in the process and will be notified by mail of their status, along with applicants who do make the list.

Waitlist lottery results are final and are not subject to appeal. Households not selected for this waitlist may reapply when the waitlist opens again. Information regarding the date, time and place of future waitlist openings will be posted in advance on this website:

Applications chosen during the lottery will be randomly assigned a lottery number and will be ranked using the following preferences:

  • Persons with disabilities
  • Seniors (62+ years of age)

The Sonoma County Housing Authority has established these local preferences and applicants will be required to provide documentation for any preferences applied to the household when their name is reached.

If you move after submitting an application, it is your responsibility to submit a Waitlist Update Form, which is available at the Sonoma County Housing Authority office or online at:

If we are unable to contact you at the address provided, you will be removed from the waitlist.

Please note: The post office will not forward mail from our office.

These units have income limits. For income limits, please go to our website:

Project Based Voucher Waitlists

The Sonoma County Housing Authority maintains separate Project Based Voucher (PBV) waitlists for specific units located throughout the county. This PBV waitlist is for specific units at Riverfield Homes, in Healdsburg, CA. Completing a waitlist lottery application is only for these PBV units, NOT for the general affordable housing complex or the Housing Choice Voucher program waitlist. 

If your name is reached and you are selected for a PBV unit, you will receive rental assistance for the PBV unit only. You will be required to stay in that unit for at least one year. If you choose to move from that unit after one year, you may be issued a Housing Choice Voucher as one becomes available, which would allow you to move to another unit and continue to receive rental assistance. 

For a list of affordable rentals in Sonoma County, please visit the following website:

If you are a person with a disability and you need a disability-related  accommodation to access any programs, services, or activities provided by the Sonoma County Community Development Commission or the Sonoma County Housing Authority, you may contact the Sonoma County Housing Authority at (707) 565-7500/TDD (707) 565-7555. Translation services are available upon request.