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Welcome to the Housing Authority of Newport KY's online application site.  Please read ALL of the instructions before you  proceed with an application.

The waiting lists currently open and available on this site are:

Scattered Sites (City Wide, Liberty and Central):
1 Bedroom (1-2 persons)
4 Bedroom (4-8 persons)
from 8:30 a.m. November 5th, until 4:30 p.m. December 11th.

How to Apply:  You must have an email address to complete this preliminary application.  The application must be submitted electronically using this system to create a receipt of application.  

Information you will need:  Names, Social Security numbers, birth dates and income and asset information for all household members.

This is a preliminary application for the waiting list. You will be asked to provide documentation to support the information when your name comes to the top of the list. Your eligibility will be determined at that time.

The wait time for our waiting lists is typically at minimum, 6 months to a year, but could be longer depending on availability and funding.